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20 Photo Comte Holiday Wreath

Happy Holidays Wreath

From Jessica Lawrenz at @mongermoldandmilk

This dashing holiday Comté wreath revels in good tidings and cheer! With a traditional mix of spices and flavors, it will definitely delight Santa or Scrooge. Loads of fresh Comté complimented by figs, elderberries and dried cranberries. Accented by cinnamon sticks, gingerbread cookies, fresh sage, bay leaves, marjoram and, of course, firesticks!

20 Photo Christmas Cheeseboard 1

Comté Christmas Cheese Board

Comté Christmas Cheese Board   Author: Cured and Cultivated www.curedandcultivated.com @curedandcultivated Serves: Up to 12 Print   Ingredients Cheeses: 8 oz Comté aged 8 months 8 oz Comté aged 24 months 8 oz Comté aged 36 months 1 (7 oz) Dorothy’s Comeback Brie 1 (4 oz) Marin French Triple Cream Brie 1 (0.9 oz) Ile de France Petite Brie Cured meats: 4 oz Prosciutto, thinly sliced 4 oz Sweet Coppa, thinly sliced 4 oz Toscano salami, sliced in rounds Accompaniments: ¼ cup Castelvetrano olives ¼ cup fig jam Heaping handful of walnuts Fig & Olive Crisps (Trader Joe’s) crackers ¾ baguette, sliced Garnishes: Sugared cranberries (see recipe below) 2 cups...
20 Photo Cheeseboard Three Comtes 3 Sm

Comté & Cocktail Cheese Board

Comté & Cocktail Cheese Board   Author: Madame Fromage Print   Madame Fromage (@mmefromage), a cheese educator and author of three cocktail books, shows you how to host a Comté tasting with a special drink. Her pairing involves a historic Alabazam cocktail featuring Armagnac, France’s oldest distilled spirit. The flavor notes in the drink pair beautifully with the nutty, caramel notes in Comté. The three ages of Comté paired here are: 4 months, 12 months and 24 months. Alabazam Cocktail This bitters-forward cocktail can be traced back to the Criterion Bar in London, the spot where Sir Arthur Conan Doyle first imagined Sherlock Holmes. The recipe originally...
20 Comte Holiday Cheeseboard N Chill CU Sm

Holiday Cheese Board

  Holiday Cheese Board   Author: Laura Nelling @cheeseboardandchill Print   Laura of Cheeseboard and Chill loves entertaining friends and family while sharing a delicious and beautiful cheeseboard together, especially around the holidays. She uses little touches to elevate her board like garnishing with sprigs of rosemary or other fresh herbs, and made this holiday board extra special by using mini cookie cutters to make fun shapes with the cheese. Building and eating the board together is an activity the whole family can enjoy! Ingredients 1-2 Wedges of Comté (portion 4-5 ounces/cheese per guest), sliced 2 Types of charcuterie meats (portion 4-5 ounces/meat per...
20 Photo Pear Winter Wreath Best Sm

Darling Winter Wreath

Author: Jessica Lawrenz at @mongermoldandmilk

What a sophisticated and elegant way to ring in the season  – a darling Comté winter wreath, complete with figs, elderberries, pear, dried cranberries, with accents of bay leaves, marjoram, sage and fresh hibiscus leaves.

20 Photo Holiday Cheeseboard 2 Lena

How to Build a Holiday Charcuterie Board

How to Build a Holiday Charcuterie Board   Author: Lena Gladstone, https://lenaskitchenblog.com/ Serves: 4 Prep time: 15 mins Total time: 15 mins Print   Charcuterie boards are the perfect appetizer for holiday parties, New Year’s celebrations, or for a quiet night at home with some wine. Loaded with creamy Comté cheese, meat, crackers, fruit, and nuts, the flavors are bright, decadent, and classic to the season. This winter charcuterie board celebrates the season with grand displays of seasonal and warming ingredients. There are a few elements you need to make a small or large board that showcases the flavors of the holidays and winter weather. Ingredients 1...
20 Photo Fall Wreath Sm

Festive Thanksgiving Wreath

The holidays may feel a little bit different this year but I hope you find some holiday cheer wherever you can. This wreath celebrates the tastes of the season, with dried apricots, goose (or golden) berries, golden raisins, elderberries and figs. Along with embellished accents of edible herbs and flowers (fresh sage, bay leaves, marjoram, firesticks, marigold, nasturtium, roses).

20 Photo Comte Scary Cheeseplate Sm

Comté Sexy Cheese Plate

  Comté Sexy Cheese Plate   Author: Cheese, Sex, Death Serves: 4-5 Print   Something SEXY this way comes blessing you with a Comté THREESOME, featuring Comté gougère, Comté crisps, and a Comté pumpkin paired with apricot jam, chocolate shortbread, figs, almonds, and oranges to cleanse the palate. Notes The recipe for the gougères can be found here 3.5.3208...
20 Photo Cheese Board Lena 1

How To Build A Summer Cheese Board

  How To Build A Summer Cheese Board   Author: Lena Gladstone, https://lenaskitchenblog.com/ Serves: 4 Prep time: 15 mins Total time: 15 mins Print   Putting a summer cheese board together is easy, fun, and makes a fresh and flavorful snack for a crowd. If you’ve never put a charcuterie plate together, I have all the tips and tricks you’ll need to make your very own. Step by step, we’ll move through the basics of a summer cheese board, how to match flavors, and how to turn it into a work of art. I’ve kept this board simple, but feel free to fill yours with as much cheese, meat, and fruit that you want. Charcuterie (pronounced “shahr-ku-tuh-ree”) is all...
20 Photo Cheese Plate Erika 1024

First Day of Spring Cheeseboard

Erika, a cheese preacher at @CheeseSexDeath, shared with us this scrumptious masterpiece. This cheese plate was inspired by the flavors of spring: like radishes with butter and fresh goat cheese marinated with rosemary and lemon peel, paired with warm baguette. She also loves complementary pairings of apricots and pistachios, which remind her of when she visited Provence last year.

"I love how those pairings tease out the fruity, nutty flavors in a classic Comté. Love adding a bit of funk to any plate, so I finished it all off with Saint Agur and clover honey. It's a little taste of springtime in France!"

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