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22 Photo Cheesemas Gift Sm

Comté Cheesmas Gift

Author: Cheese, Sex, Death
  • 1/2 lb Comté
  • 9-12 truffles
  • A cookie tin
  • Ribbon
Comté’s fruity and nutty flavors are a beautiful match alongside chocolate truffles of all types. The best pairings are white chocolate truffles, which tease out the cheese’s floral qualities, and dark chocolates with hazelnuts, which complement the nutty notes. Pack it all up in a retro cookie tin and you have the perfect gift!
22 Photo Comte Bell Cheeseboard 2

Comté Bell Cheese Board

Author: @Sorrenteaux
Ring in good cheer this holiday season with Comté cheese.These festive Comté bells are a lovely way to elevate your holiday cheese boards and delight your loved ones. Red bell pepper “bows”, fresh rosemary sprigs, golden berries, and red sweets drop peppers adorn the Comté bells.Wishing you a joyful holiday season!
22 Photo Spooky Comte Tree Sm

Spooky Comté Tree

Author: Alicia Korver of @korverfarms 
Serves: 2-3
Description: Create a spooky scene for Halloween using delicious Comté! Slice Comté into long, thin slices to build your tree. Add dried apricots and walnuts as leaves. Use cookie cutters to create pumpkins, tombstones, bats and a moon. Pair with your favorite crackers and jam. Happy Halloween!
22 Photo ComteHalloweenBoard1

Comté Halloween Board

Author: @CuppasAndCurds
Serves: 4
Give your guests a real treat this Halloween by serving a Comté cheeseboard at your spooky shindig, séance, or soirée. Artfully arranged cubes of Comté may look frightening, but the real scare is how good they taste! There’s no need to fret if your guests are among the undead, either, because Comté paired with fresh figs, honeycomb, and prosciutto will have them feeling alive! It’s not a trick- entertaining really is easy when Comté is involved.
22 Comte With Lambic Pairing Sm

Comté & Fruited Lambic Board

Author: Tenaya Darlington @madamefromage
Serves: 1-2
Looking for a fall pairing that highlights the fresh, fruity notes often found in Comté? Try pairing it with a fruited lambic, a fruited beer made through spontaneous fermentation of wild yeast and aged in wooden casks. Look for Kriek Lambic (made with cherries) or Peche Lambic (made with peaches) -- both are gently sweet and tart, a bit like the chutney of the beer world. For your Comté & Fruited Lambic Board, add nuts, charcuterie, rustic bread, and grainy mustard. Boom! You've just made dinner.
22 Photo IGot The Board Charcuterie Plate Scaled

Peachy Perfect Picnic Board

Author: Amanda Welch from @I’ve Got The Board Serving size: 6-9

Comté is one of the most versatile cheeses – and everyone knows it melts beautifully. It's especially tasty smothered on croissant topped with a dollop of Dijon mustard, and in this easy seasonal peach and balsamic bake.
22 Photo Linzer Cracker Sm

Comté and Pesto Appetizer

Author: Alicia Korver @KorverFarms Serving size: 2-3 crackers per guest

This appetizer is sure to delight your guests. Slice your Comté a 1/4 inch thick and use cookie cutters to make flower shapes. Grab your favorite cracker, spread on pesto and top with your delicious Comté flowers. Garnish with basil leaves and enjoy.
22 Photo Comte Bouquet 2sm

Comté Bouquet

Author: Alicia Korver @KorverFarms Serves: 1-2

Treat yourself to this cute and easy to create Comté Bouquet! Slice your Comté a 1/4 inch thick and use cookie cutters to make the flower shapes. Add thinly sliced cucumbers for stems and mint as leaves.
22 Comte Summertime Board1 Sm

Comté Summertime Charcuterie Boards

Author: @charcuterie_n_things Serves: 2-3

As the summertime approaches and the flowers continue to bloom, step into the sunshine with a good mood and good food. Comté cheese paired with Dry Salami and Prosciutto along with some fresh kiwi, strawberries and blueberries is your perfect go to for those summer nights. Comté’s diversity in flavors allows it to go with just about anything!
22 Photo Memorial Day Board 2

Comté Memorial Day Cheese Board

Author: @Sorrenteaux

This festive heart-shaped board is filled with red cherries, seasonal berries, and Comté stars & stripes. Enjoy with friends and family this holiday weekend!

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