1,000 Years of Artisanal Cheesmaking

Comté Cheesemonger Series

Comté Cheesemonger Series

Learn the craft of cutting a whole wheel of Comté, as well as how to best wrap and store the cheese at the retail level and at home. Also, learn expert tips for tasting Comté!

DVDs are also available upon request, if interested.



Meet David Robinson, cheesemonger for Formaggio Kitchen, and learn how he selects Comté for the store.

How to cut Comté

Cheesemonger David Robinson shows you how to break down a whole wheel of Comté, as well as how to cut it into smaller portions for retail.

How to Taste Comté

Like wine, there’s a specific way to taste cheese! Cheesemonger David Robinson of Formaggio Kitchen guides you through a tasting of Comté cheese using all of your senses.

How to Wrap & Store Comté

Cheesemonger David Robinson demonstrates how to best wrap Comté, as well as store it at both the store level and at home.