1,000 Years of Artisanal Cheesmaking

The Comté Experience

Comté Videos

Delve into the world of Comté with The Comté Experience video series, including: The Production of Comté Milk, Making Comté, Aging Comté, Cutting & Storing Comté, Tasting Comté, Wine Pairing & Comté and Cooking with Comté. The videos are a fantastic tool for training staff, educating customers and/or featuring promotions.

DVDs are also available upon request; if interested.


The Production of Comté Milk

Step into the Comté fields and meet the dairy farmers and cows who provide the milk for Comté. Learn about the region’s terroir and why it’s so important to the flavor of the cheese.

Making Comté

From the delivery of the milk to the local dairies, or fruitières, to heating the milk in large copper vats, checking the curds and forming the molds, see how the Comté wheels are made.

Aging Comté

Comté is aged in special aging cellars for at least 4 months, and often 12-18 months or even longer. Meet a cellar master, or affineur, and learn how the aging process influences the flavor, texture, appearance and aromas of Comté.

Cutting & Storing Comté

A visit to Fromagerie Robert Janin where we learn more about the role of the cheesemonger, and discover how to properly cut, wrap and store Comté as they do it in Franche-Comté.

Tasting Comté

Like wine, each wheel of Comté has unique aromas and flavors. Discover how to use all of your senses in this guided tasting of Comté, and learn how to best experience – and enjoy – the cheese’s innumerable characteristics.

Wine Pairing and Comté

Wondering what wines to pair with Comté? Learn several outstanding wine matches for Comté, and discover how versatile Comté can be.

Cooking with Comté

Travel to the heart of the Jura Mountains and experience a traditional meal of Comté Fondue at La Petite Echelle, a restaurant and inn that’s been cooking with Comté for centuries (be sure to check out La Petite Echelle’s fondue recipe inside!).