1,000 Years of Artisanal Cheesmaking

Tips for Buying and Storing Comté

Comté slice

  • Comté is either sold pre-cut and wrapped, or is cut-to-order. If possible, it is ideal to buy Comté cut-to-order. In that case, don’t hesitate to ask for a taste before you buy.
  • Pre-cut Comté is often found in refrigerated bins. It can either be vacuum packed by the producer in France, or cut and wrapped in plastic by the store. If wrapped by the store, favor pieces that are tightly sealed.
  • Before buying, examine the color and texture. The color should have a matte appearance and even tone, going from ivory to straw yellow. Avoid pieces that look grey, or have visible moisture on the surface, as this shows that the piece was not properly refrigerated. The texture should appear smooth and uniform.
  • If the cheese is in plastic wrap, rewrap it in parchment or butcher paper when you get home. This will help the cheese last longer. Also, cheese that is wrapped in plastic for too long may taste like plastic or may be rancid.
  • Store the wrapped cheese in a covered container in the refrigerator. The ideal temperature to store Comté is at 45°F to 55°F. Try to avoid big temperature variations.
  • If you’re serving Comté as part of a cheese course or on a cheese plate, let it sit at room temperature for one hour before serving for optimal flavor.
  • Enjoy the great diversity of aromas!