1,000 Years of Artisanal Cheesmaking

POS Materials

The Comté Cheese Association offers distributors and retailers a variety of materials to assist with a successful selling program. For more information, or to request materials, please email us.


1,000 Years of Artisanal Cheesemaking

16-page brochure exploring the region and production of Comté cheese, including tips for buying, storing and serving Comté.

Comte Brochure


One-size-fits-all Comté apron for demos, events or general staff use.


Aroma Wheel

Laminated handout illustrating the 83 descriptors that correspond to the most frequently found aromas and flavors in Comté

An excellent tasting tool.

Comte Aroma Wheel

Comté Kitchen

50-page booklet featuring 20 Comté recipes, as well as serving tips and information about production. Limited quantities may apply.


Comté Recipe Cards

4×6-inch recipe cards featuring seasonal recipes that highlight the flavors of Comté. Recipe Card Holders are also available by request.

Comte Classics Recipe Cards

Comté Tasting Guide

Step-by-step guide to tasting Comté.


Comté Tasting Log

Log for retailers and distributors to track and evaluate new shipments (or for rotating stock); can also be used by consumers as a tool for developing a skilled palate.



Bi-annual, 4-page newsletter featuring news about Comté, general industry trends, interviews with chefs and cheese experts, Comté recipes and information about production.

Comté Newsletter


13×19-inch poster featuring the Comté Wheel of Aromas. Excellent for consumer education, promotions and staff training.

Shelf Talkers

Perfect for the cheese case or demo table, Comté shelf talkers offer concise overviews of Comté’s characteristics and production, with food and wine pairing suggestions. Two versions available.

Comté Shelf Talkers

Tips for the Trade

Double-sided handout with tips for buying, storing and selling Comté to maximize its potential; includes cutting diagram. Perfect for management and staff.

Tips for the Trade

Taste Comté Cheese

Illustrated pop-up book guiding readers through a Comté tasting. Limited availability.


Taste Comte Cheese

The Comté Experience DVD

DVD featuring a series of short videos that explore each stage of Comté production, including:

  • The Production of Comté Milk
  • Making Comté
  • Aging Comté
  • Cutting & Storing Comté
  • Tasting Comté
  • Wine Pairing & Comté, and
  • Cooking with Comté

Now also includes 5 Comté Cooking School Videos! This is a fantastic tool for customer education, staff training and promotions.Illustrated pop-up book guiding readers through a Comté tasting. Limited availability.

Comte Experience DVD