1,000 Years of Artisanal Cheesmaking

Tips for Serving Comté

Delicious combinations

A few tips for tasting and serving

From breakfast to an aperitif or cheese platter, to mouthwatering gratins, soufflés and sauces, Comté brings a  delicate savory note to all culinary moments of the day! Enjoy it on its own, or use it in recipes such as frittatas, quiches, macaroni and cheese, paninis, polenta, biscuits, salads and much more. Comté also helps to bind sauces
and give them body.

A young Comté has more subtle aromas of fresh hazelnuts, soft caramel and cooked milk, and melts beautifullyin pastas and sandwiches. An older Comté has more intense aromas of nuts, melted butter, citrus fruits and toasted bread, and adds rich flavor to dishes ranging from gratins to salads.

Comté is a great match for wines, particularly the white wines of the Jura which have aromas of dried fruit and spices. It also goes strikingly well with a variety of other dry white wines, young reds and Champagne.

Comté is best served at a temperature of 59˚F to 65˚F.