Comté Holiday Chalets
These adorable Comté Chalets are the perfect holiday project for the entire family. What better way to bring everyone together than to make these delicious, fun decorations?!
  • House shaped gift box
  • Parchment paper
  • Cream cheese 2 packs
  • Salami- apprx 4oz
  • Comté cheese 16oz
  • Italian bread sticks- 1-2 boxes
  • Pistachios- Apprx 1 cup
  • Corn nuts - handful
  • Dried Cranberries- handful
  • Herbs- 5-6 sprigs of rosemary and 1-2 sprigs of thyme
  1. Take a house shaped christmas gift box and wrap the outside with parchment paper, securing the loose ends inside the box if necessary you can tape them down on the inside)
  2. Next spread cream cheese around the box, this is what acts as the glue to secure all the pieces to the chalet.
  3. Fold salami slices in half and layer them on the roof so that they are slightly overlapping
  4. Place a breadstick across the peak of the roof
  5. Cut matchstick style pieces of Comté and layer the sides of the house alternating between Comté pieces and the italian breadsticks ( if italian bread sticks are too long just cut them according to the size of your box), repeat this for the two sides and back
  6. Use a large square and rectangle cut of comte to cover the front part of the house
  7. Use a croccantini crack for the door, corn nuts and cranberries for the windows
  8. Use pistachios trim for the roof
  9. Secure chalet on board covered with extra cream cheese and use herbs to create trees
  10. Add pistachios to create a stone walkway from the door.
  11. Optional wreath: take a sprig of Thyme wrapping the spring in a circle and securing the circle by twisting the ends around itself as you make the circle shape. Secure in the cheese with a toothpick end
Recipe by Comte USA at